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Making your plan



Planning ahead is essential


It is important to remember that you are setting up more than just a quick fix on your staging date. You are establishing:

  • new 'business as usual' processes that you will be relying on for as long as you are an employer and
  • a pension scheme that will form an important part of the reward package for your staff


Check your staging date

The law applies to you from your staging date. The Pensions Regulator will write to you. However, you can check now on the The Pension Regulators' website. Click the staging date tool button to go straight to the tool. You will need your employer PAYE reference to hand.


Key duties and timeline


There are important preparation milestone leading up to your staging date and duties thereafter. All are summarised in our AE timeline document. Just click the button below to view or download it.

System requirements


Most employers will want to automate the automatic enrolment process. This involves sharing information between up to 4 different IT resources:



You can source your automatic enrolment (AE) tool from a variety of organisations:

  • Your payroll provider
  • Your pension provider 
  • A third party provider (sometimes called 'middleware').



Comply or Embrace?


How you build your plan will depend on the objectives you set at the outset. It is important to consider whether:

  • You want to do the absolute minimum to just comply with the legislation, or
  • You want to embrace the opportunity that automatic enrolment offers to broaden the employee benefit package and demonstrate that you have your staff's best interests in mind.

This will  form the foundation of your project plan. There are currently more than a dozen pension providers offering arrangements for small employers. Some offer auto enrolment support within the price and some don't. And there are significant differences in charges, features and services. If you want to embrace this opportunity, you'll want to start by choosing the pension scheme that best suits you and your staff, and then select the support and software that best interfaces with your chosen pension scheme. 


We can help, whatever you decide. Click on Services for Employers to find out how.

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