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What we do


In a nut shell we help you to optimise the management and administration processes around your workplace pension and AE compliance.


That's about consultancy. It's not a prescribed process. It's about understanding where risks might exist and then building a plan to identify and mitigate them on ongoing basis. The consulting activities fall under 4 broad headings and we're able to support you in as many of these as you require:




Why we do it


Workplace pensions are for life, not just for staging. Complying with automatic enrolment is just the start. 


As automatic enrolment settles down, experience builds and software improves. If you don't want the pension scheme to command excessive resources, it's best to keep your administration processes under review.


The government have placed the onus on you to choose and manage the relationship with the pension scheme. You deduct contributions from staff pay and invest them in the scheme that you chose. So what if it goes wrong? Who will your staff deem to be responsible? Best, we think, to establish regular oversight to demonstrate that your provider is following best practice.


Your staff can benefit enormously from pension scheme membership, provided that they understand what it's all about. The trouble is many don't and that can create a quagmire of misunderstanding that can come back to haunt you. Good communication is about helping your staff and showing that that you care. But it's also about mitigating risks that lay in both words and silence.


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