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Ken Tymms, owner of Kent Pension Services, occasionally gets a bee in his bonnet about something and shares his thoughts with his network and followers on Linkedin. Read his recent posts below. You are welcome to connect with Ken on Linkedin. Click the Linkedin button on the sidebar to go to his profile page.


October 2017


Pensions for your staff - but do they get it?


 Many don't but why should you care?

August 2017


Listen to Ken Tymms on the Money Talk Show with Simon Webster


First broadcast on 11th August 2017 on

June 2017


Auto enrolment. Home is where your HR is


Hr Advisers; your country needs you

December 2016


Automatic enrolment - Is it working?


Could do better, I think

September 2016


Company Pensions v Workplace Pensions


Is there really a difference? Is it all going wrong somewhere?

August 2016


Choose your workplace pension scheme


As an employer seeking help with workplace pensions and automatic enrolment, you may only be offered a small selection of pension schemes. Or maybe no choice at all. It depends on who you seek help from. So, should you care?


Well, we think you should. Here are three reasons why:


June 2016


Breaking the chains ii: The Lisa Chronicles


When automatic enrolment is going so well, why introduce the LISA, the Lifetime Individual saving account?



April 2016


The Brexit/Remain of automatic enrolment


Is there really a battle going between payroll and pensions people?

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